1. What CSIP goal is your action research targeting? Justify how your action research will support this CSI

Goal 5: We will provide a safe and inviting environment to fulfill the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of each individual student.

We will find various procedures to improve these indicators:
5a. Attendance rate as measured by the average daily attendance data, including data disaggregated by subgroup.
5c. Percentage of student in in grades 5-12 that receive any discipline referrals.
5d. Percentage of students in elementary, middle, and high school that are absent more than 15 days per semester.
5e. Percentage of student body in middle school and high school that receive suspension and expulsion.

2. What does your data say to justify needing to pursue this action research? List the specific sources of data.

Student assignment completion was below acceptable standards to the point that we created the homework assistance program to help students improve assignment completion.

Attendance policy had to be revamped to help improve student attendance.

Faculty and staff are unhappy with the number of office referrals in recent years.

We will be looking at specific data to back up these statements incuding attendance records, discipline referral data, and homework assistance data.

3. Explain how your action research will meet the criteria of the Five Characteristics of Effective Instruction from the Iowa Core.
Provide information that supports all of the characteristics that apply to your action research topic.
Students will learn responsibillity through a student centered classroom. Through experimental, holistic, authentic, and challenging experiences, students will learn responsibility.