Action Research Members---Terri Zimmerman and Chris Reinert

Please answer the following questions by posting to your group's topic page. You can either post by editing
your group's topic page or typing your answers in a word document and downloading the file into your group's
topic page.

1. What CSIP goal is your action research targeting? Justify how your action research will support this CSIP.
We will provide a safe and inviting environment to fulfill the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of each individual student.
5a. Attendance rate as measured by the average daily attendance data, including data disaggregated by subgroup. (Participation in class activities)
2. What does your data say to justify needing to pursue this action research? List the specific sources of data.
Participation levels have varied over the course of time and research shows that by getting students to participate, they are more likely to achieve desirable outcomes. We are beginning our district-wide testing and recording of fitness scores. General observation and limited testing in physical education classes show a need to improve participation levels and improve self-awareness/responsibility towards our personal physical condition. Students use "excuses" for not participating in class activities when they are uncomfortable/incapable of performing tasks. When students are physically healthy, it has been proven that they are better prepared for academics and behavioral isssues subside.
Teaching for Learner Differences--Instruction is based on the different abilities and attributes of students. Instruction that works for some will not work for others and vice-versa.
Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum--Students are given options and a variety of opportunities to improve their current fitness levels. A regular variation in presented warm-ups will inroduce students to purposeful excercises.
Student Centered Classroom--Students are in charge of their fitness levels and understanding.
3. Explain how your action research will meet the criteria of the Five Characteristics of Effective Instruction from the Iowa Core.

Provide information that supports all of the characteristics that apply to your action research topic.