Today's plan---
*Dr. Maharry will meet in the ms music room with available faculty about the upcoming intruder drill (planned for March)
*Kirsten and Lesa will then present the remaining pieces on the action research (Results and Discussion)

Then your remaining time can be spent working on the following:.

  • Share with your group members the progress on implementation or preparation for implementation;
  • The presentations at the end of year need to include a video taped segment of the implementation of the strategy---for example, video tape yourself/selves teaching the strategy you researched or the students participating. Only one video is required for each group, so not all group members have to create a video taped segment. Remember that this needs to only be a segment and not a whole lesson or period, include just enough to give the viewer a visual of the strategy being implemented.
  • Discuss in your groups who will be videotaped and how that will take place. There has been a purchase made of three digital video cameras and there is one available in each building, you will need to contact Linda when you are ready to video tape.
  • Work with group to discuss and document any data that has been collected so far.
  • Discuss how to report what our collected data means. (Results and Discussion---refer to each separate wiki page for explanations)

Kirsten and Lesa will be roaming between groups to answer any questions, please call if you have not seen us or need us before we get there. Kirsten 749-9984 Lesa 299-3722

CGI group will meet with Stacey Cole
CTE will meet until 2:00