• Share with your group members the progress on implementation or preparation for implementation;
  • Reminder that you will need a video taped segment for your final document and presentation. This only needs to be of one teacher in your group, There has been a purchase made of three digital video cameras and there is one available in each building, you will need to contact Linda when you are ready to video tape.
  • The video tape can be downloaded on your laptop. Once it is downloaded, you can use the Windows media program to select the portions of the video tape that you would like downloaded into your Action Research wikispace page. If you have taken video and you want to cut some of the content and only include part of it on your wikispace page, let us know if we can help you cut and edit it.
  • Work with group to discuss and document any data that has been collected so far.(ITEDS and ITBS data should be available)
  • Discuss how to report what our collected data means. (Results and Discussion---refer to each separate wiki page for explanations)
  • Download the Results, Discussion and video segment of your action research into your wikispace page.

The required components of your Action Research are:
  1. Literature Review
  2. Methodology
  3. Video of one lesson from your group
  4. Results
  5. Discussion

These documents can be uploaded into your wiki as separate items or as one, whatever works best for your group. The video can also be uploaded into your wiki----just let us know if you need help in getting this component completed.

On the May 4th professional development, we will use the time to present the different Action Research projects.

Kirsten and Lesa will be making their way to each of the action research groups. We can assist in helping to answer questions and/or concerns. Please call if you have not seen us or need us before we get there. Kirsten 749-9984 Lesa 299-3722