Today's professional development work will include the action research groups working on their literature reviews for your action research projects.

Differentiated Instruction, Student Responsibility, Problem Solving, Comprehension, and Promoting Wellness groups will be working on your literature reviews. Kathy Brenny (AEA) will be in the district to assist with any questions you may have about your syllabus.

Kirsten will start with the Student Responsibility group and then check in on the Differentiated Instruction, and Problem Solving groups.

Lesa will start with the Reading Comprehension group and check in on the CGI and Wellness groups.

CGI will be working with Stacey Cole (SLCSD) and continuing their learning from the summer class that they took.

Some important bits of information to remember:
---register for your course in the avatar program through aea8(web link will be on the wiki Resource Page);
---keep a log of your times that you are working on your action research;
---read through and begin to complete the class requirements listed in your individual group's syllabus;
---research and begin to write your draft of the literature review for you action research plan;
---review and discuss the schedule and timeline on the wiki page for that;