REMINDERS----Please make sure your Lit. Review consists of:
  • a comprehensive, critical evaluation of the literature that pertains to your study;
  • sources could include articles and books that describe and provide support for the use of
a program, strategy, skill, technique, etc. utilized in your study;
  • organize, integrate, and evaluate previous research that relates to your area of study; and
  • there are three examples of literature reviews on the Literature Review wiki page for you to view.

The literature review portion of your aciton research should be typed and have a supporting bibliography.

THE GOAL: By the end of the professional development on October 20th, each group should post to your individual group wiki pages---the written draft of your literature review.

THE PLAN: We will meet as a whole staff on October 20th. This meeting will include an introduction on what the methodology should include and how your group will go about obtaining the information for the methodology.

We will send an email reminder of the whole staff meeting before October 20th.

QUESTIONS: Lesa will be in the middle school for most of the time on Wednesday October 13th discussing 5th through 8th grade reading data. If you need assistance or have questions please call her at 299-3722. She will stop down at the elementary to see if the CGI group needs any help.

Kirsten will be in the high school and stopping in on each group that meets at that building. You can reach Kirsten at 749-9984.

Please let us know if you have questions or need assistance.